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Customer Journey Step by Step and Real Case Example

September 20, 20224 min read

It’s hard to build a profitable long-term relationship with your ideal customers when you don’t really have that plan and don’t understand what route to take. In James Cook Media we use something called Customer Value Journey to map out each step of building the relationship with our ideal clients.

Customer Value Journey is an 8-step path that your customer takes through discovering your brand, products, or service, becoming a buyer and a raving fan. You are going to learn about each step and as a bonus get an actual case study example. Let’s dive into each stage.


#1. Awareness: let them know

Awareness is the very first stage of the Customer Journey. Obviously, at this step prospects discover your brand seeking the solution to their problem. 

It can happen through social media pages, blog posts, advertising, or any sort of format and platform. The main idea is that your brand’s name or product pops out in front of your prospect’s eyes, so he/she becomes aware of your brand’s existence.

Read more about launching your first Facebook Ad.

#2. Engage: grab their attention

Prospect’s engagement simply means like, comment & share. To move your prospect to the next stage, you would need to provide them with some engaging content.

At this point, try to be creative. No matter if it is an article, video, template, infographic, podcast, or anything else. Make it valuable. Make it entertaining.

The main idea is to stop your prospect from scrolling his Facebook feed or Google search and grab his attention.

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#3. Subscribe: get their contact info

After you provide your prospects with some valuable content, do not hesitate to ask for something in return. It can be their emails, website registrations, blog, or social media subscription.

It may also work oppositely. To offer something valuable, you may first get their subscription. For example, register for a free masterclass or ask for the email to provide them with any downloadable content.

#4. Convert: get a commitment

People show commitment in two ways: time and money. Converting stage isn’t the one where you try to sell your $1000 service/product. That’s a low commitment offer, an entry point stage where all they need is to invest a little bit of time and money to get a taste of your business.

It can be an e-book, instruction, template, list, webinar, and much other content that you can offer to buy which still solves their problem.

#5. Excite: make that experience valuable

This is one of the most important stages of the Customer Value Journey. It’s the moment when your customer falls in love with your brand and what you offer.

Content marketing and email marketing come in handy at this stage too. Make the moment of buying memorable and leave your customer with the feeling of an excellent purchase. Here are some examples:

  • The cookware brand sends the customer cooking recipes along with the bought pan.

  • The gym coach sends to new clients an email with a warm-up exercises guide, so they know how to start every training.

#6. Ascend: where the sales happen

This is where the core product selling happens and your customer actually becomes your real customer. If you made it right from stage to stage, then you’ll naturally scale the ladder, keeping maximizing your profit by upselling your products.

#7. Advocate: let them talk

Here is where you gain all the digital stars and reviews. Ask your clients to share their experience with your brand or using your product. It can be Google or Facebook Review, direct review on your website, private message, or even a video review.

#8. Promote: partner program

Promoters are customers who circled all the Customer Journey, from the Awareness to the Advocate stage, and now ready to go around and promote your brand.

You may think that there is no difference between advocates and promoters, yet there is a big difference for the business. To activate promote stage you would need to create an affiliate program. It allows brands with familiar business fields but not your direct competitors to promote your product/service within the partner program.

#9. Bonus: Real Case Example

Here you can check how this marketing model is used within our own brand, James Cook Media.


As you can see, Customer Value Journey helps you plan the path of your customer in order to improve customer's experience and maximize your profit. It also helps you build your marketing campaigns and better understand selling points.

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