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Convert Cold Audience Into Buyers

August 25, 20214 min read

5 Effective Ways To Convert Cold Audience Into Buyers

Online business owners often focus on attracting only hot customers showing raving interest in a product. It seems that working with a cold audience is too laborious, too long and it’s not clear what the return will be. But still, why miss out on hundreds of potential clients?

In this article, you will learn how to work with people who have not yet realized their problems and how to bring them to your sales funnel.


What Is Cold Traffic?

The flow of users going to your store is called traffic. It’s divided into cold, warm, and hot.


“Heat” of traffic is the degree to which a page visitor is aware of your product. The warmer the traffic, the closer the potential customer is to making a purchase.

The cold audience can be identified by indirect signs. Such people don’t express an explicit interest in your product, but we believe it may have some value for them.

The task is to identify the interests of these people and demonstrate a way to solve the problem with the help of your product.

On one hand, the advantage of cold traffic is that you can attract large volumes of people to the funnel at a low cost.

On the other hand, the disadvantage is the long path that a person will have to go through.

Statistically, the conversion rate of cold traffic is between 2% and 5%.

So, here are 5 ways to turn cold traffic into buyers:

#1. Expose Cold Audience To Expert Content

Expert content is some kind of useful article or video without a CTA.

A cold audience is not yet familiar with your brand, so you shouldn’t expect it to perform the targeted action at once. Don't send cold traffic directly to your sales page. Although the user may be interested in your product or service, he is probably not completely ready to purchase.

To link closely with a user, show them that you are an expert on the problem your product solves.

Thus, you must have expert content on your blog, website, or page on a social network. Make it work for you and drive traffic to that content.


Powerful expert content is typically characterized by the following aspects:

  • Content - usually around 3000 words.

  • Lots of research, statistics, and facts.

  • Links to relevant content right in the article so that the client can learn more about your products/services.

#2. Segment Your Traffic

Taking your traffic up the “heat scale” takes time. When you segment your traffic, you can direct the cold or warm audiences to the relevant “preparation” content. After that, the hot audience can be sent to the sales page.

Segment your traffic based on the following criteria:

  • New visitors - cold traffic.

  • Recurring visitors - warm/hot traffic.

  • Different sources of traffic - traffic of different “heat”.

Segmenting your traffic around these three dimensions can affect all of your conversions, not just cold traffic conversions.

Why use such segmentation? Well, this is an opportunity to warm up a potential client and send him on the right path.

#3. Provide Prospects With Value In Advance

When a new user finds out who you are, they will either want to learn more or leave the sales funnel.


To attract cold visitors, offer them something of great value before making an offer. This may be a free trial or a checklist, for example. In fact, you are also getting value in return, with an email address or a phone number.

#4. Suggest An Alternative Way Of Communication

Users prefer communication that goes both ways. One of the best ways to build brand loyalty is through social media communication.


Don’t simply publish content, but also actively interact with page visitors.

Offer alternative communication methods on your blog and sales pages using tags that redirect to your Telegram, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.

#5. Support Your Content

Content takes a lot of effort. Besides production, it also requires active promotion.

In addition, content requires regular maintenance. Statistics, trends, market regulations, etc. are constantly changing. So, if there is content that is still driving traffic, you’ll need to consider the changes and update it.


Naturally, working with hot leads is quite easy. However, attracting cold traffic to your sales funnel opens up a lot of prospects that may potentially become your brand’s raving fans. So, why miss this opportunity?

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