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Checklist How Talk To Client

September 21, 20223 min read

The very first call with a client can be very frustrating if you have never done that before or haven’t been born a salesman. Some people don’t know how to start and some don’t know how to lead the conversation. 

Before diving into content marketing, I did sales for almost two years. I do remember well my very first call and my first successful call which turned to be two different calls. So, let me ease your pain with my personal advice on how to talk to your client on your first call.

#1. Ice breaker

For most people, the first few seconds of the conversation are the most awkward. After exchanging a quick introduction and  “how are you? - I am good, you?”, they don’t know how to continue. There are few simple tricks. First of all, relax. 

You can always start a small talk about the weather. If you have a business online, you and your prospect will most likely be from a different city/state/region or country. This makes the conversation even more lively if it’s winter and you are in Israel, but your prospect is based in Ukraine!

“Okay, let’s get back to business” - the standard phrase that leads to the conversation's main topic.

#2. Keep it dialogue

The most boring thing is when the first call turns into a sales monologue. Besides all the great features that your product or service may offer,  don’t stuck with retelling a description from the landing page. Instead, try to build a conversation with your prospect based on his needs and your solutions to them.

#3. Your client is your hero

Remember it’s never about you. Your client is the hero of the story. Listen to what he is saying. Don’t interrupt. Be interested in him. Empathize. Emphasis his gains after purchasing your service/product, not the product features itself.

#4. Be confident

There is a saying: do it with confidence or don’t do it at all. Especially it relates to sales and your first call with a client. People always sense doubt, even at the end of the line. State your price with confidence. There is no reason to be modest and humble. If you cannot sell your own product, how do you expect other people to do it for you?

#5. Settle your time management

As much as you would like to have a gazillion of clients, time management should come first. Don’t waste time on people who aren’t motivated. In the first stages of business, you may think that you must work with anyone who turns to you. But sooner you will realize that you waste energy and time on people who aren’t your ideal clients and won’t buy anything in the end.

#6. Keep it simple

The mark of true knowledge in anything is how well you can explain to the average person. The first call should answer all the prospect’s questions, ease his choice and help build more trust around your brand.

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