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LIVE Training + Q&A:
Tools of the StoryTelling Trade

Understand exactly how to use the same Strategy Documents
and Software we Use to Build Funnels to Launch Marketing Training

Join this Live Training on how to Build Your Minimum Viable Funnel
(Thursday, 1 August, 6 pm CET)

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Learn the Step-By-Step Process we use to Build & Launch Businesses Online from Start to Finish.

On this action-packed, fast-paced live training you will learn:

1. Understanding what type of Funnel to Build.

  • If you have never built a funnel before.
  • If you have a funnel that is not working.
  • If you need to scale a successful funnel.

2. Building Your Unique Ideal Client Profiles

  • The Ideal Client Identification Process.
  • Understanding Personality Types.
  • Segmenting your Ideal Clients.
  • Creating your Ideal Client Map.

3. Creating Unique Customer Journeys

  • The Hero's Journey Applied to Your Hero.
  • Building Your Offer Structure
  • Mapping Your Hero's Chain of Beliefs

4. How to build Your Funnel (A Live DEMO of the StoryFunnel Software)

  • How to setup your Ideal Client Segmentation
  • How to create Unique Customer Journeys for your Client.
  • How to create follow-up communications paths for your client.

5. How James Cook Media can Help You Build Your Funnel.

  • Join our Online Education Program (StoryMattes Academy)
  • The StoryFunnel Software (build funnels on the same technology as us)
  • The StoryMatters Workshop (Build your Funnel in 6 days with me and my team)
  • The StoryFunnel Build (Let me work personally on your funnel with you on a long term deal)

6. Your Questions Answered

  • Every question on the webinar will be answered during and after the Training.
  • Founder, Samuel P.N. Cook will stay on as long as there are questions.

Live Training (90 Minutes)

Thursday, August 1st

1 P.M. U.S. EST (New York time)
7 P.M. CEST (Warsaw time)


Live Extended Q&A

After the Live Presentation, stay on to speak to JCM Founder for an extended Q&A.

EVERY question will be answered!

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