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StoryTelling in the Digital Age

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StoryTelling in the Digital Age

by Samuel P.N. Cook

Do you want to finally get results in your digital marketing?

There is no one sure path to success in business and marketing (no easy button to riches).

But the ONE sure path to failure is NOT having a strategy.

2 years ago, we delivered the first online version of the StoryTelling in the Digital Age MasterClass.

Over 45,000 business owners and marketers from around the world have registered for the StoryTelling in the Digital Age MaserClass.

It has helped thousands of business owners to re-think their entire marketing strategy.

It is the world's best digital marketing strategy course.

Due to overwhelming demand, we have decided to re-record and update the masterclass for all of our premium, paid clients.

But, to make this accessible to you, we are offering a special live broadcast of our live studio recording.

At 7 pm CET (Warsaw Time), on 30 November, 2018. Live from Google's Innovation Campus in Warsaw.

James Cook Media founder, and author of the StoryTelling in the Digital Age MasterClass, Samuel P.N. Cook will deliver a 2,5 MasterClass live to a packed audience in the room (over 200 people, while broadcasting to the entire world.

At the end of his talk, Samuel P.N. Cook will be joined by NY Times Best-selling author and the world's best book promoter, Michael S. Drew.

Michael S. Drew is known as the world's best book promoter. Over the last 20 years, he has been responsible for 93 NY Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal best-selling book campaigns.

He is currently in Warsaw, collaborating on a joint book project with James Cook Media's client, Rory Kilmartin.

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Develop a Clear Strategy for Telling Your Story Online in 4 Powerful Lessons


Why Story Matters (Now, more than Ever).

StoryTelling is not new. It’s Ancient. But it’s more powerful than ever in the digital age. Find out why.

Find out how an Australian Documentary Film-Maker helped teach me the power of StoryTelling. Together, we helped a humble South African Running Coach (Bobby McGee) to earn $250k in online sales in just 6 months.

  • Why Elon Musk is the worst speaker but tells the best Stories.
  • The power of documentary film-making in marketing.
  • Why you are getting your marketing wrong.
  • How to create a real strategy and video-based journey that inspires people to buy.
  • Watch a clip from Bobby McGee’s Video

By the end of this Lesson, you will see understand exactly how your videos should look and feel online, and why they work.


Who is Your Hero? (HINT: It’s Not You)

Every story starts with a hero. But the hero of the story you tell is NOT you. It’s your ideal client persona.

Learn the story about Rory Kilmartin - the world’s top relationship researcher, and how clearly defining his persona helped him launch his business.

  • What Sex & the City can teach us about Personas.
  • The Power of clarity in your persona (Defining Your Hero).
  • How to connect with your Ideal Client (Empathy)
  • Writing Your Hero’s Story (Why it changes everything)
  • Do you Really Love Your Hero? (The most important question)

By the end of this Lesson, you will understand the power of defining your ideal client, and you will have all the tools you need to do it.


Writing Your Hero's Journey (BE YODA, Not Luke)

Inspiration is far more powerful than Manipulation. Your ideal client will buy your product or service when you inspire them to invest in a better future.

The power of StoryTelling is ancient. Discover the secret weapon of Hollywood Screen writers, and how to apply it in your business.

  • George Lucas and how he achieved the runaway box-office success of Star Wars.
  • Why no stories are true (including yours).
  • The StoryTelling secret of all great religions, myths, works of literature, and block-buster Hollywood movies.
  • How to apply the art of StoryTelling to planning your product roadmap.
  • The 3 keys to telling great stories through video online.

By the end of this Lesson, you will understand exactly how to take the abstract power of StoryTelling and apply it to your marketing strategy.


Mapping Your Hero’s Digital Journey (It’s Harder than You Think)

A Real Strategy comes from defining Your Hero and Re-Writing their Story with your Products or Services. But real marketing success comes down to mapping out a client journey (their story) online.

Learn how we used funnel maps to create multiple 7-figure marketing campaigns for our clients.

  • How to use powerful Mapping Tools to Create a Funnel
  • A Video demonstration of a Successful Funnel Rory used to launch his business (Plus Downloadable Funnel Map)
  • How to Build a Minimum Viable Funnel to Test Your Digital Marketing Ideas (Plus Downloadable Funnel Map)
  • Get a Special Bonus Video with the James Cook Media Funnel (That you are going through)
  • Download the James Cook Media Funnel Map (for this funnel).

By the end of this Lesson, you will understand exactly how to use funnel mapping software we use and our templated funnels to design your own funnel.

Special Live Broadcast

This special Live Broadcast of the StoryTelling in the Digital Age will be the premier marketing event of the year.

Friday, 30 November

7 P.M. CET (Warsaw Time)

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  • 4 Power Lessons on StoryTelling (2,5 Hours)
    • Lesson 1 - Why Story Matters
    • Lesson 2 - Who is your Hero?
    • Lesson 3 - Writing Your Hero's Journey
    • Lesson 4 - Mapping Your Hero's Digital Journey
  • Live Bonus Session w/ NY Times Best-Selling Author, Michael Drew (30 Minutes)
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  • 4 Power Lessons on StoryTelling (2,5 Hours)
    • Lesson 1 - Why Story Matters
    • Lesson 2 - Who is your Hero?
    • Lesson 3 - Writing Your Hero's Journey
    • Lesson 4 - Mapping Your Hero's Digital Journey
  • Live Bonus talk by NY Times Best-Selling Author, Michael Drew (30 Minutes)
  • Extended Online Q&A Sessions (Until Complete)
  • Special Reception AFTER the event with James Cook Media Founder Samuel P.N. Cook & Michael S. Drew.




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About Michael R. Drew

Michael Drew Bio

Michael is a maverick who gets results.

Marketing books for his entire career (20 years), he’s become the world’s most successful book promoter, launching 92 consecutive books onto best seller lists, many of them #1 titles. 

Beyond merely helping authors’ books sell well, Michael has benefited from these writers’ insights into social trends. He himself has observed up-close the shifting dynamics of society – as with his work on his best-selling book, Pendulum: How Past Generations Shape Our Present and Predict Our Future – and has seen firsthand the rapid and long-term changes in the publishing industry and how content reaches today’s varied audiences.

Michael honed his skills at such respected publishers as Bard Press, Entrepreneur Magazine, Longstreet Press and Thomas Nelson Publishers, among others. He mastered the intricacies of publishing and, in adapting to today’s fast-evolving industry, Michael founded Promote A Book in 2003 to work directly with writers to help them spread their message.

Michael has also helped thought leaders, speakers and entrepreneurs build upon an essential component of continuing success, creating a platform for their writing and their message so that they can expand their audience and adapt to social shifts. Through Michael’s skills in website creation, his strengths as a speaker, his career coaching, and in his innovative use of personas to intensify the effectiveness of all sorts of writing, Michael has been a force in the creation of a new generation of thought leaders. He has helped them to become even more effective entrepreneurs who nourish today’s idea-hungry marketplace.

As the shifts in society continue, Michael has co-founded Smarter Voice and is able to offer more complete and holistic marketing and advertising services than ever before, including publishing, infomercials, media, persona architecture websites, and call center services to name a few. In fact, in the worlds of book publishing, personal development, training and consulting, there has never existed a marketing agency that has the understanding and expertise to meet the needs of authors, thought leaders, influencers, coaches, consultants and speakers.

In his personal time, Michael loves cheering for BYU teams, dining at “the best sushi house in North America” – Uchi’s in Austin, Texas – and spending time with his daughter, Savannah.

About Samuel P.N. Cook

Samuel Cook BIO

Samuel helps thought leaders and experts scale their impact by telling inspiring stories online.

Samuel is the founder of James Cook Media, which combines documentary film-making with marketing to help experts connect with their audience through powerful, inspiring stories.

Samuel P.N. Cook is the author of the StoryTelling in the Digital Age which has over 45,000 subscribers across the world.

James Cook Media specialises in helping experts, thought leaders, and authors developing their business and marketing strategy, and scripting, filming, and producing their film-based marketing funnels.

Samuel has built his first website in 2005 while serving as an Army Officer in Iraq. His first documentary was also produced in 2005 about his unit's experience in the Battle of Tal Afar. In 2008, Samuel built his first business - a tour company. He become so fascinated by the website and marketing, he founded his own agency in 20014. Over the past 5 years, Samuel has built five 7-figure marketing funnels from scratch for authors in personal development and business coaching. He has personally produced dozens of marketing videos. He has coached over 50 entrepreneurs in building their own marketing funnels. 

James Cook Media has spent 3 years developing soon-to-be-released 'Shopify for Authors' -  an expert-in-a-box, block-chain based Software as a Service Platform that will allow authors to create the marketing pages, content delivery, and analytics and administration. The software aims to eliminate all technical barriers to delivering their content online - the software will contain very function an author needs to technically accomplish online.

Samuel honed his skills in Storytelling through an eclectic career that started with a Bachelor's of Science Degree in European History from the United States Military Academy. As a U.S. Cavalry Officer, he served 2 tours in Iraq. 

James Cook Media is based in Kiev, Ukraine and Warsaw, Poland. In his personal time, Samuel loves reading history, running, and traveling around historical sites in Europe.

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