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What People have to Say about Story Matters

Peter Schroder
Peter Schröder CEO, Elanity Network Partner GmbH
It changed my thinking about marketing ... The result is really, really good.
german 5
German Coppola Founder, YUMIWI
It completely redefined what marketing is for me ...I'm really excited to get back to the office and make it happen.
Michele Wyngaard
Michele Wyngaard Owner, Dynamic Dental
I made a really good investment in myself and the benefit that I will gain from that in future.


  • What does the StoryGuild Program consist of?
    • The StoryGuild is an annual coaching group that consists of weekly accountability calls, four workshops, and a closed private facebook peer group with me and just 12 other members of your annual program.

      Each workshop occurs every 3 months of the program..

      Workshop 1 - StoryMatters - Develop your marketing strategy and hero’s journey.

      Workshop 2 - StoryTelling Film School - Learn how to script, shoot, and produce world-class marketing videos.

      Workshop 3 - Traffic and Conversion - Learn how to research, setup, and manage and optimise paid traffic campaigns and your funnel. Also learn advanced funnel techniques (Webinars, etc.)

      Workshop 4 - Content Marketing - Build your brand and long term, compounding traffic with content marketing (emails newsletters, social media, blogs, etc.).

  • What is the difference between the StoryMatters workshop and the StoryGuild?
    • The StoryMatters workshop is the foundation of any digital marketing campaign. It is a required workshop for all those who want to enter the StoryGuild.
      During this 3-day, intensive workshop, you will work with me and the leaders of my agency to build a fully online digital marketing strategy.

      Day 1 - Finding Your Hero - on this day you will dive deep into your hero. Connecting with them and their story on the deepest emotional level.

      Day 2 - Writing Your Hero’s Journey - On this day you will learn how to rewrite the story of your hero. Learn how to use their offers to write a better story for their life.

      Day 3 - Mapping Your Hero’s Digital Journey - All the story and offers are great in theory. Learn exactly how to map out every step in their journey online. From start to finish.

      NOTE: If you can’t join us in person, you can also save money by investing in the StoryMatters video course. You will get instant access to the recordings of the last workshop, as well as 3 one-on-one coaching calls with managers of my team (Including one private coaching call will be with me).

  • What is the cost of the StoryMatters workshop vs. the StoryGuild?
    • The StoryMatters Workshop early bird pricing of € 2565 (€ 500 off the regular price of € 3065 ends in 48 hours.

      If you can’t attend the next StoryMatters workshop, there is also a video version of the course available for € 995.

      The StoryGuild costs € 12 000 per year. There are still a few spots in the remaining group for € 10 000 per year.

  • Are there payment plans for the StoryMatters workshops and the StoryGuild?
    • Yes, we do have payment plans available. The StoryMatters workshop is available for 3 easy monthly payments of € 995 The StoryMatters video course is available for just 3 easy monthly payments of € 395. The StoryGuild has a quarterly payment plan of € 3 750 (paid upfront every 3 months).

  • When and Where does the first StoryGuild Workshop take place?
    • The First StoryMatters workshop takes place at the Royal Bristol Hotel in Warsaw, Poland on 21-23 September.

      he Royal Bristol Hotel is Warsaw’s oldest, and most historic luxury five-star hotel.
      It boasts the best cuisine and service in Warsaw. You can qualify for a discount to the hotel with your purchase of the StoryMatters workshop.

      NOTE: Hotel availability is on a first-come-first-served basis. Be sure to book now to secure your spot.

  • How do I know it will work for me?
    • Both the StoryGuild and the StoryMatters workshop is covered by an industry-best money-back guarantee.

      If you are not yet sure of the StoryGuild is right for you, consider investing in the StoryMatters workshop.

      The StoryMatters live and video workshop are both covered by our industry best, 100% money back guarantee.

      Attend the entire workshop, and map out your funnel map. If you don’t believe that the marketing strategy you developed with me and my team will cover your investment in the workshop, ask for your money back.

      If we don’t deliver, we don’t deserve your money.

      NOTE: You are REQUIRED to complete every exercise at the workshop (or watch every video online) as well as complete all assigned exercises and coaching calls to qualify for this guarantee.

  • I really want to join the StoryGuild. Can I speak to someone who has experienced the StoryGuild personally?
    • Yes, you can. Our StoryGuild members are happy to share their experiences. All you have to do is schedule a call to speak to one of our representatives and they will connect you with people who have experienced the StoryGuild

  • Before I make my final decision, I would like to get a chance to speak to Sam Personally. Is this possible?
    • Yes, in fact this is required. Before he accepts anyone into the coaching program, Sam must speak to you personally to make sure it is a good fit.


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Take this short test (only 3 mins), watch your result video, and get 7 days Access to the StoryMatters MasterClass with 2+ Hours of Training on StoryTelling.

Once you take the test, get a special one-time discount of 80% Off the StoryTelling in the Digital Age MasterClass.

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