Tell Their Story, Grow Your Business.

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It's Your Time to be Heard Online

You have a message that will change lives.

Your problem is getting people to listen and connect with it.

How do you cut through the noise?

Yes, you need a website, landing pages, emails, chatbots, etc.

But none of that really matters until you get one thing right.


Story Matters.

If you want to break out. Get ahead of your competition. Connect with your audience.

You have to get your story out there.

But you have two main challenges:

1) Developing a Strategy for your Business - Writing the Story That will Inspire Your Ideal Customer to Invest in a better future.

2) Delivering Your Story Online - getting all the technical parts right so you can put your story out.

This is where the StoryMatters Academy Comes in.

In this online training academy, you will learn exactly how to develop the strategy you need and how to use StoryTelling to Deliver it.

Get Complete Access to the James Cook Library of Training that includes:

  • Build a World-Class Marketing Strategy - Get complete access to all our videos and exercises to help you identify and connect with your ideal client & develop the offer structure (story) to inspire them to invest in your services. 
  • Learn the Art of Digital StoryTelling - Learn exactly how to script and delivery your story through film online)
  • Map Out & Build Your Entire Funnel -  Let us help you map out every step of your funnel (every ad, landing page, email, and video) and then build the pages to deliver it (with our software).
  • Launch & OptimiseYour Funnel - Learn how to drive traffic to your funnel with a complete set of video training on Facebook Ads, Google Ads, YouTube Ads, & Content Marketing).

Developing a strategy that has a chance of success is hard work. But the real challenge (that stops everyone from succeeding) is simple execution.

This is where we can help.

We help you handle all the technical details of getting your story out there.

Never pay for website developer or a designer again. We have it all covered.

The StoryMatters Funnel Building Software includes:

  • Landing Page Software (for lead generation)
  • Powerful Quiz Software (to segment your leads)
  • Highly Customisable Funnel Pages (based on what they tell you on their pages)
  • Powerful Sales Pages (Use the same sales pages we use to sell your product)
  • Online Checkout Software (integrate with Stripe to accept online payments anywhere in the world)
  • Write customisable Emails & Automate their delivery to your leads (NOTE: This feature is available in March of 2019).

Building your online funnel is a lonely journey. But you are not alone.

Join our Private Facebook Group with other members of the Academy and the entire James Cook Media team (over 20 team members).

NOTE: Every Week we will hold live Online Training & Q&A with a member of our team to answer your questions on any of these topics.

But we don't just want you to feel alone while you are doing this. That is why we are offering a special, BETA Bonus program to help you get started.

Special Limited Time Bonuses

Invest in the StoryMatters Academy (BETA) in the 7 days, and receive the following bonuses:

  • 50% Off the Regular Pricing (€119 per month vs. the Regular Price of €239 per month)
  • 1 FREE Strategy Review Coaching Call to help you get the right strategy for your business (60 minutes)
  • 1 FREE Funnel Mapping Call to help you map out your funnel (60 minutes)
  • 1 FREE Technical Support Call to help you setup every page on your website (60 - 90 minutes)

Do you need more help with your Software and other technical details?

No problem.

You can hire us for additional coaching and technical work special members-only rates.

Once you join the StoryMatters Academy, all technical obstacles to getting your story online are gone forever.

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Develop a Successful Marketing Funnel in 4 Steps

Get Access to all the training, videos, and software, and dedicated support you need to launch your funnel.


Module 1 - Build Your Marketing Strategy

Develop a Real Strategy to help you build your marketing strategy from the ground up. The right way.

If you don't get your Story right (tell the right person the right story), nothing else matters. Avoid the original sin in business by focusing on developing a real strategy.

  • Research Your Ideal Client & Market
  • Define Your Ideal Client
  • Develop Your Ideal Client's Empathy Map
  • Write Your Client's Hero's Journey
  • Create Your Offer Structure & Chain of Beliefs

At the end of the Strategy Module, you will have built a strategy that has a real chance of success if you execute it properly.

Rory R Student


Module 2 - Tell Your Story Online

The heart of a digital marketing campaign is telling a story that inspires people to invest in a better future with you. Now that you have defined the story, it's time to script it, shoot it, and edit it.

We learned a long time ago the power of StoryTelling through a documentary film-maker who specialises in marketing. Understand the how to apply the secrets of film to your Story Online.

  • Learn How to Pick the Right Film Crew
  • Learn What Equipment You Should Use
  • Understand how to setup your Film Set
  • Learn the Art of Interviewing and Filming
  • Learn how to edit your story-based video

At the end of the StoryTelling Module, you will understand exactly how to script the story to connect with your ideal client, film it, edit it, and where to put it in your funnel.


Step 3

Module 3 - Map out & Build Your Funnel

Once you have developed your videos, it's time to build the funnel to deliver them to your ideal client.

Before you run off and build a massive funnel (which we can help you do), it's time to test your marketing strategy with a minimum viable funnel.

This idea is something we developed the hard way. Learn the story behind it, why we developed it, and why it works so well.

  • Understand the Minimum Viable Funnel Map.
  • Get our help mapping out YOUR Minimum Viable Funnel (on a FREE 60 Minute Personalised Call).
  • Learn how to write and build your marketing quiz.
  • Learn how to write copy for and build your funnel pages.
  • Learn the art of email copywriting.
  • Get a Detailed Tutorial on how to use our software (You get free with the Academy) to map together and put your Minimum Viable Funnel Online.

By the end of this Module (with our 1-on-1 mentorship and tech help) you will have successfully overcome all the technical obstacles that could stop you from launching your funnel.



Module 4 - Launch & Optimise Your Funnel Traffic

Once you build your Funnel, it's time to test your Funnel results with Facebook Ads, Google Ads, YouTube Ads, and Content marketing. 

At James Cook Media, we have built and managed 5 (going on 6) 7-Figure Funnels from scratch. Learn the secrets behind running the paid traffic, content marketing, and the advanced funnels to generate this revenue online.

  • Learn the Art & Science of Optimising Facebook Ads 
  • Understand how to use Google Ads.
  • Learn how to setup a YouTube Advertising Campaign.
  • Learn how to test which is your primary traffic source (facebook/Instagram or Google/YouTube)
  • Learn User Experience Research Funnel Optimisation Testing Strategies.
  • Learn how to build a long-term brand through integrated content marketing
  • Get access to the James Cook Media Sales Training & Sales Framework we use to gain high value clients.
  • Get Access to and Understand the Funnel Map we employed to produce two different 7-figure funnel

At the end of this module, you will understand exactly how to build out your entire Funnel Traffic Campaign, read and optimise your results, and make the adjustments you need to be successful.


Complete StoryTelling Education

Get access to 4 streamlined modules with exercises to help you build your strategy and launch your funnel. Learn exactly how to develop your marketing strategy, script and produce your story, and design and build the funnel to put it online. Every exercise, every lesson we teach is included. Want more? Watch the entire Library of James Cook Media's Training over the past 2 years. 

Real, Human Tech Support

We stand against hiding behind a support desk and calling it support. You deserve to talk to us. Writing your story and putting it online is hard, terrifying work. You are not alone. We are here for you with 24-hour chat support and 7-days a week emergency tech support. Get exclusive access to a private Facebook Group to post questions, share success stories, and meet your tribe of StoryTellers.

Accountability and Feedback.

Education without feedback is worthless. We refuse to just sell you a program not be there to help you. True learning comes from accountability feedback on your work. Feed on the energy of the community to keep going with our private Facebook Group. Also join our weekly group live Q&A sessions with the experienced funnel builders to answer all your questions about getting your funnel online. PRO customers can get dedicated 1-on-1 coaching.

Build Your Funnel on the Same Software System We use to build 7-Figure Funnels

Story is great. But without the right funnel, nobody will ever hear it.

To get your story out there, you need a funnel that works.

This is exactly why we created the StoryFunnel Software.

This has been custom developed for us and our high-end expert clients.

Never pay for web design or Software Development again.

In this software, you get access to everything you have experienced going through our funnel.

  • Landing Page Builder
  • Quiz & Client Survey Builder
  • Email & Phone Number Collection Forms
  • Sales Page Builders w/ Video Automation (like this one)
  • Online Checkout Integration with Stripe.
  • Gated Membership area to host your paid content.
  • Email, Text Message, & Facebook Messenger Workflow & Automation (Available Spring, 2019)
  • Funnel Mapping Software & Dashboard Analytics (Available Summer, 2019)
  • NOTE: All this software together (Email automation, page builders, online checkout, quiz builders, and dashboard) would normally cost you up to $1,000 per month to put all together.

With James Cook Media's software, we give you our system and teach you how to use it. Then we are here to support you when you don't know what to do next.

As you are investing in this program in 2019, you will be part of our first public Beta Software rollout. This means you will be part of the first 100 users of this software, and will be able to give your feedback and submit feature requests.

With the James Cook Media Software, you are going to get all the technical support you need to get your story online.

The only thing stopping you from achieving your dreams will be the power of the story you tell online.

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Special Limited Time Bonuses

Invest in the StoryMatters Academy Basic Plan in the next 96 hours, and receive the following bonuses:

  • 50% Off the StoryMatters Academy Subscription (just €119  €239 billed monthly)
  • 3 x 1-on-1 Coaching Calls with a James Cook Media certified coach (who has built our client funnels) €750 value @ €250 per call.

NOTE: Invest in the StoryMatters Academy PRO Plan and receive €500 Off our 4 Marketing Strategy Coaching Calls  

StoryMatters Academy Basic

All the training and software you need to build Story-Based Funnel yourself.

  • Complete Access to all Video Training (4 Modules).
  • Complete Access to our internal Strategy Exercises.
  • 1-on-1 Mentoring on how to Map & Build Your Funnel.
  • Use our Software to build your entire website & Funnel.
  • Dedicated Account Representative.
  • 24-Hour Chat Support.
  • Trade ideas with JCM staff in the StoryMatters Private Facebook Group.

3 x 1-on-1 Coaching Calls to help you Setup Your Funnel.

  • 1 FREE Strategy Review Call with one of our coaches.
  • 1 FREE Funnel Mapping Call with one of our coaches.
  • 1 FREE Website Building Setup Call (60 - 90 Minutes)

50% Off Regular Price (Offer lasts only 7 days)


€ 119 per Month (Billed Monthly) € 239 per Month (Billed Monthly)

Start 30 Day FREE Trial

+20% VAT

Make your first payment now to book a time to speak to your dedicated marketing coach.

Pay monthly. Cancel at anytime. 

StoryMatters Academy PRO

Dedicated 1-on-1 Coaching to help your Build Your Funnel with our Training & Software

  • Complete Access to all Video Training (4 Modules).
  • Complete Access to our internal Strategy Exercises.
  • 1-on-1 Mentoring on how to Map & Build Your Funnel.
  • Use our Software to build your entire website & Funnel.
  • Dedicated Account Representative.
  • 24-Hour Chat Support.
  • Trade ideas with JCM staff in the StoryMatters Private Facebook Group.

3 x 1-on-1 Coaching Calls to help you Setup Your Funnel.

  • 1 FREE Strategy Review Call with one of our coaches.
  • 1 FREE Funnel Mapping Call with one of our coaches.
  • 1 FREE Website Building Setup Call (60 - 90 Minutes)

A Dedicated Coach to support you through your entire journey while you are a member of the Academy.

  • Email/Chat Support  (Monday - Friday, 8 - 5 pm European Central Time)
  • Weekly 1-on-1 coaching calls (1 Hour in duration).

50% Off Regular Price (Offer lasts only 7 days)

€ 239 per Month (Billed Monthly) € 479 per Month (Billed Monthly)

Start 30 Day FREE Trial

+20% VAT

Make your first payment now to book your First (of three) Funnel Building Coaching Call.

Pay monthly. Cancel at anytime. 

StoryMatters Academy Platinum

Build Your Funnel in 3 months with 1-on-1 Coaching from James Cook Media Founder (Samuel P.N. Cook)

  • 12 X 1-on-1 Coaching Calls with JCM Founder to help you build your complete marketing funnel (Like James Cook Media's Funnel.
  • 1-on-1 coaching from JCM Founder on completing all strategy documents, scripting, and funnel copy.
  • 1-on-1 Mentoring from JCM Founder on how to Map & Build Your Funnel.
  • Use our Software to build your entire website & Funnel.
  • Complete Access to all Video Training in the StoryMatters Academy.
  • Dedicated Project Manager & Account Representative.
  • 24-Hour Chat Support.
  • WhatsApp and Chat Support w/ JCM Founder Samuel P.N. Cook.

Complete Access to the StoryMatters Academy Training & Software

  • Complete Access to all Video Training (4 Modules).
  • Complete Access to our internal Strategy Exercises.
  • Use our Software to build your entire website & Funnel.
  • Dedicated Account Representative.
  • 24-Hour Chat Support.
  • Trade ideas with JCM staff in the StoryMatters Private Facebook Group.

Plus the Following Exclusive (Limited Time) Bonuses:

  • Complete Access for 24 Months to James Cook Media StoryMatters Pro Plan (€ 5.736,00 Value @ € 239 per month)
  • 3 FREE Facebook Ads Management Strategy calls w/ JCM Traffic Specialist (€ 750 Value @ € 250 per call)
  • 4 FREE Sales Coaching calls w/ James Cook Media Sales Manager (€ 2.000 Value @ € 500 per call)

Bonuses Together are worth over €8.486,00

€ 10,565,00 € 12.565,00

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+20% VAT

One Single Payment of € 10.565,00 (Save 20%)


3 Easy Monthly Payments of € 4,165,00

What People Say about Working with James Cook Media

Jack Vincent
Jack Vincent S.C.O.R.E© Selling System
Having it all laid out for you. You can just see how effective it was. I loved it!
Wanda Nowak
Wanda Nowak Wandalicious
No matter where you are in your business, the StoryMatters system has something for you.
Hugo Feenstra
Hugo Feenstra Vincent Mock
I would highly recommend the StoryMatters system. It is the best value for money I have ever experienced in my life.

Don't have time to build your funnel?

Build your funnel in 4 days with the James Cook Media Team

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  • What is the Special Bonus package if I buy the StoryMatters Academy Pro during the Limited Time Offer?
    • The StoryMatters Online Course is a full online video training program.

      We have added 2 special bonuses if you sign up in the next 48 hours.

      First, you will get 18 months of FREE access to the exclusive pre-Beta version of the L3 Funnel Building Software built by James Cook Media (NOTE: This only applies to the PRO Package - Basic package gets 6 months)

      The software will not be available to anyone else (aside from James Cook Media clients and StoryMatters Academy clients).

      When it’s released to the public, it will cost at least €3.600 for (€200 per month) for 18 months.

      This software is the same software we use to build all of our funnels.

      It will save you from having to spend money on design or development for a website.

      You will also get a 3 FREE Coaching calls with StoryMatters Facebook Ads specialists (worth €750).

      You will get 1 Strategy Call with James Cook Media Founder (€1.000 value).

  • Why is the Special Offer for a limited time?
    • First, we have limited availability for our coaching calls with StoryMatters Certified consultants.

      We also do not have unlimited server space and support capacity for users of our software right now.

      The other reason we are limiting this offer to 4 days (it started 48 hours ago) is simple.

      If you do nothing right now, nothing will change.

      This deadline is designed to get you to make a choice.

      If you decide to invest in yourself, you have a chance to change your marketing.

  • Can I still buy the StoryMatters Academy after the deadline passes?
    • Yes, you can the StoryMatters Academy later.

      You just won’t get the 2 special bonuses (FREE Coaching Calls and 12-18 months of FREE Software).

  • When and where does the StoryMatters Academy Take Place?
    • The StoryMatters in on online training program.

      You will access your video training through an online video membership portal.

      In this portal, you will also get access to

      You will also get access to the James Cook Media team and other Academy members through a private Facebook group.

  • What is the Training Plan for the StoryMatters Academy
    • Module 1: Develop Your Strategy (your Story) - Learn how to define and understand your hero, write their story (Their hero’s journey), and map their digital journey into a funnel.

      Module 2: StoryTelling Through Film - Once you understand the story your client needs to hear, it’s time to get it out there. In this module, you will learn how to film your video (Whether it’s on your iPhone, or you want to do it high-end, we will show you how).

      Module 3: Building Your Minimum Viable Funnel - Once you have filmed your story, it’s time to get it out there. It’s time to see if your idea (your story) is going to connect with your ideal client. Rather than build a massive funnel, test it out first.

      Module 4: Optimising & Building Out Your Funnel - Once you have connected with your audience, it’s time to optimise your funnel with paid traffic. If your paid traffic works, then it’s time to build out your funnel and invest in content marketing.

      Here is how the course works:

      Every week, you will receive a new lesson in your inbox.

      This course was developed by the same team that builds our funnel and those for high end clients.

      It includes, short instructional videos with detailed homework assignments.

      It also includes footage from my high-end workshops I delivered to professional marketers in small group settings.

      You will also get to view examples of me coaching high-end clients through these exercises. 

  • This material sound great. What if I need support with the training material?
    • Along with the StoryMatters Academy training materials, you also get the following support.

      StoryMatters Academy Private FB Group - Post your questions on the material for the James Cook Media Team, make requests for software features on your FREE Landing page software, and trade ideas with other students.

      Access to the James Cook Media Team - If there is a specific skill you don’t have time to do (like filming, video editing, copywriting etc), you can purchase time with my team (for a reasonable hourly rates) to work on parts of your funnel.

      Access to a StoryMatters Certified Coach - If you are stuck on a part of your funnel (strategy, filming, funnel building, or facebook ads), no problem. Pay to work 1-on-1 with a StoryMatters Certified Coach.

      NOTE: If you want to get dedicated, weekly 1-on-1 coaching, you can purchase the StoryMatters Academy PRO plan, which comes with 12 dedicated coaching calls (one after each module.

  • Tell me more about the landing page software. Does it mean I don’t need to build my own website or get a clickfunnels account? What about my email service provider?
    • Yes exactly. You don’t need to use other software or pay for web developers again.

      Our landing page software is custom software we use to build our entire website.

      In April of 2019, you can also get ride of your marketing email automation system (as we roll out ours).

      We built it because we were not satisfied with the off-the-shelf landing page solutions out there.

      NOTE: This landing page software alone would cost you $2,000 - $4,000 per year.

      (Comparable landing page software (With quiz functionality, landing pages, checkout pages, etc.) would cost between $199 - 499 per month.

      The landing page software is in development and will continue to add features through the next 12 months.

  • What is my investment in the StoryMatters Academy?
    • Your Investment in Building and Learning how to Execute Your Minimum Viable Funnel in the StoryMatters Academy:

      € 2.965 Upfront Payment for StoryMatters PRO with a 1-on-1 dedicated coach and 18 months FREE Software. (20.9% Off the Regular Price)

      € 995 Upfront Payment (20.2% OFF Regular Price) for the StoryMatters Basic with full video access & 6 months FREE Software (with 2 bonus Coaching Calls)

      € 7.565 Upfront Payment (15.5% OFF Regular Price) for the StoryMatters Premium plan when you work with JCM Founder Samuel P.N. Cook

  • What if I cannot afford the StoryMatters Academy upfront.
    • If you for any reason you cannot make the full payment, you can pay in 3-monthly payments of €1.195 for the PRO Plan, €395 for the Basic Plan, or €2965 for the Premium Plan.

  • The StoryMatters Academy sounds like the right program for me. Just to be sure, can I learn how it has helped other people.
    • The StoryMatters Academy is built around the same methodology we use to build our funnels and coach other marketers.

      To find out how we have helped other people master StoryTelling in their business, watch this video to learn the StoryMatters Academy story...

  • This program sounds great. But I don’t have the time to put into learning how to do this myself. Can I get something with immediate results?
    • The StoryMatters Academy is designed for those who don’t want to invest a lot of money (But can spend the time developing their marketing funnel).

      If you want to get rapid results, you may consider joining the StoryMatters workshop.

      The StoryFunnel Build Intensive is a 4-day, intensive funnel build program run 4-6 times per year with the James Cook Media founder Samuel P.N. Cook and his Agency in Warsaw Poland (Limited to availability).

      Click here to Watch the Video on the StoryFunnel Build Intensive.

Write Your Story. Grow Your Business.

Join 100s of Business Owners who are writing their Story Online with the StoryMatters Academy & James Cook Media Team

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