StoryMatters Academy

Module 1: Discovering your ideal client

Module 1: Introduction

You want to create a reliable digital marketing system to deliver pre-qualified leads on autopilot. You need to own your digital marketing strategy. You need a proven distance-learning syllabus so you can execute this yourself.

It’s never been easier to set up a business.

The bad news… it’s never been harder to find clients that WANT to buy.

Your competition is already using advanced digital marketing methods to win business online.

The gap between the old methods of finding customers and today’s digital marketing grows wider every day.

Can you afford not to catch up?


But there’s a mountain of knowledge you need to learn.

Technical skills. Creative skills. Automations. Pages. Systems and Softwares. Video Scripting. Video editing. Ad Creation. Funnel and Ad Optimisation

So much to learn... But it feels like you’re going round in circles.

Meanwhile, your business isn’t getting the customers it needs.

What if you could learn all the skills and technical tools needed to build a modern digital sales and marketing funnel?

A funnel designed to generate a stream of clients that care about your business?

What if you had access to experts who specialize in every area you need to learn?

And you could shortcut the pain of endless internet research and actually get results?

The StoryMatters Academy 4.0 is designed for you to do exactly that.

Over the course of this program, you will learn all of the skills necessary to do exactly that, as part of a group of businesses all on the same journey.

So let's start!


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