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  • Support Desk
    Ticketing system
    Native Inbox Integration | 
Easy ticket Creation | Internal Ticket View for Team
 | Client Login & Ticket Status View (Available February 2020)
    Unlimited Client Records
 (B2B) : Email | Phone numbers |  Addresses | Custom Fields (Available February 2020)
Omni-Channel InboxEmail (Available Spring 2020)
    Facebook Page messages/messenger (Available Spring 2020) | Whats app (Available Spring 2020) | SMS (Available February 2020)
    Calls (Premium Feature)
    Outbound | Inbound | Call Forwarding (Available Spring 2020) | Queue Assignment (Available Spring 2020) | Call Routing (Available Spring 2020) | Call Recording (Available Spring 2020) | Call Notes (Available Spring 2020)
  • Team Communications
    Team Chat
    Channels (Available Spring 2020) | Direct Chat (Available Spring 2020)
    Task Management
 (Premium Feature)
    Internal Support Ticket Communication  | Teams/Departments (multiple teams)  | Desks/Projects (For specific Tasks)  | Kan-Ban View  | Search & Filtering System  | Commenting on tasks
    Time Tracker (Premium Feature)
    Task Based Time Tracking (Available Spring 2020) | Billable Option Time Tracking With | Invoicing (Available Spring 2020) | Team Tracking Dashboard (Available Spring 2020) |
  • Marketing Automations
    Automations (Premium Feature)
    Lead Assignment rotation | List enrollment | SMS automation | Facebook Messenger Automation | Email Campaign Automation  | Lead Detail Update automation | Time Based Triggers | Date Based Triggers | Conditional Automations (If/Then) | Video Watched Based Triggers
    Website Chat Widget (Premium Feature)
    WebSite Embeddable Chat Widget (Available Spring 2020) | IP tracking Visitors | Country Detection | Existing Visitor Detection   | Form Builder
 | Embeddable Form | Custom Fields | Custom Success URL

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