#4: How to Use Storytelling to Grow your Business

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Transcript for Lesson #4

Hey, it's Sam, and welcome to the fourth video, which is how to use storytelling to connect with your audience and grow your business. Now you're an author and expert, I don't need to tell you twice the power story, we all get this intuitively.

You wouldn't be in business, you wouldn't be a successful author making a living off of your message, your book, your speaking if you didn't understand the power of storytelling. So I'm not going to sit here and talk to you about storytelling as if you don't know what it is. But what I do want to do is teach you how to translate storytelling into your marketing. I think this is where a lot of authors and experts struggle is, you know, how to write a book that tells a powerful story.

Otherwise you wouldn't be in the profession you're in. But transferring that knowledge of how to write a great story into marketing is something that I just like to give you a few more insights into. And it goes back into how I talked about how to sell to our audience, which is whenever you get out there on a podcast and I know you get invited on podcasts, there's millions of them out there you what you should be doing as an author and expert to take your business next several is really be discerning and find the right podcasts like ours, have a great following great production quality, really go on there and understand.

Before you get on there, who is the audience I'm connecting with and really understand how to connect with them on a deeper level. So like I did in the first video where I share those audience statistics, you should actually go before you go into a podcast, or do a speech, you should ask the event organizer, or the podcast person to tell you about the audience because every speech I've ever given, even if it's the same slideshow, I'm going to adjust it to the audience. If I'm speaking to a software development audience, I'm going to have more slides and examples about software development. Whereas if I'm speaking to authors and experts, I'm going to customize my presentation for authors and experts because I want to speak to that audience that way.

That's really the first big tip I'd like to offer to you is whenever you have a talk, a live talk, a zoom presentation, or a podcast interview to always research your audience just like we did in the First video. 

The second thing I'd like to invite you to do is look at storytelling. Joseph Campbell's The Hero's Journey, the eight different steps or sorry, the 12 different steps, the big steps of the hero's journey. And there's actually a map that you can put together, where you map out the hero's journey in the storytelling framework to marketing. And there's this wonderful link to just a simple graphic that I found online that really helped me match up what I knew about marketing with storytelling that just maps out those phases. Study those phases, and understand how the storytelling process you already know and intuitively use in your work if you haven't been a formal student of Joseph Campbell's hero's journey, or if you've studied that, and applied it can map over to marketing because that's, it's like the Rosetta Stone on how to translate what you already know and do it intuitively. Or you've studied about storytelling into marketing. He was going to give you that analogy, and you can go apply that to all of your marketing campaigns.

Now again, we have a free trial training series where I talk about this Story Matters mini-course we go into this in detail. It's a two and a half-hour training. I also have the storytelling IQ test, which gets people a discount to our paid masterclass, which has even more training, worksheets, and workbooks about how to apply storytelling in your business. So if you want to learn more information, look at our funnels. And you can get those examples.

And then the last part, the third step in applying storytelling to your marketing is, once you understand the Rosetta Stone of how storytelling can apply to your marketing is how to map everything out. And what I always say is, would you ever build a house without building the plan to the house? Would you ever build a house without asking an architect who knows what they're doing to map it out? And I would ask you to apply the same theory to your own marketing is, do you have a map of your marketing flow? Do you have your customer journey mapped out? Do you have your story mapped out online? And if you don't say you paid someone to do your web for you paid someone to do your marketing funnel? Ask them to map it out? If they don't work for you anymore, map it out yourself. If you need to find an expert to help you do it, ask someone like someone in my team, if you do our masterclass and get a free coaching call or your marketing expert that you work with, map out your funnel and just look at that journey and say to yourself, is this journey going to inspire my ideal customer to invest in my product or service when they go through it because if you now know the storytelling framework, you can see holes in that and then you can go fill those again, that's what we go over in our masterclass. But if you want to get your funnel touched up before you offer it to our audience, I would look at that map and see if there's any holes that you can fill before you make your free offer to our audience because that funnel is what you're going to do to translate them from a fan from our audience and put them in your ecosystem, tell them the story, and then sell them your product or service.

So I hope that was helpful.

If you want more information, sign up for our free mini-course or our paid masterclass, take the storytelling IQ test, and you can learn a lot more about that, and I'll see you on the final video where we're just going to go through the questions that we're going to ask you on the podcast. Again, it's a framework, not a specific set of questions, but how to mentally prepare yourself for the podcast, the format, how long it's going to take, and the logistics before you do your pre-interview with us in a few days.

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