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Transcripts for Lesson #1 

Hey, it's Sam, and welcome to the first of five educational videos that I'm preparing for you to get ready to make the most out of The Story Matters podcast.

The first question I have for you is, do you know how to find and connect with your audience? Because that is exactly what's the topic of this video is, who is the audience that you're going to be in front of.

And this is ironically, the first step of The Story Matters Method that we teach in our workshops, and Our Story Matters Academy. So I'm just gonna go over that quickly right now for you to help you get the most out of the podcast so you can get exposure to our audience, connect with them, share your success story to inspire them, and maybe even sell a few products or services to them.

So here's what you need to know about The Story Matters podcast, we have been running this podcast, it was released over three years ago, we did two initial episodes where I was interviewing my manager about our method and the second season was me talking to my mentors who helped me become a storytelling expert, and then finally we opened it up to experts and authors just like you so you can inspire. 

Our audience has already heard the first two seasons with what's possible to be a successful author or expert out there. So they're usually just getting started over 70% of our audience is starting their business or is just getting their marketing set up online 30% are already in business and our various stages of their business development. We also have about 22% of our audience are marketing experts, specifically either marketing agency owners, which is 12% of our audience 10% of marketing managers, and the other 78% of our audience are business owners.

Now all of these business owners have one thing in common: they believe they've bought into by signing up for the storytelling, digital age masterclass, or The Story Matters mini-course that we have on our website. That story is the most important thing you need to master to be successful in business. So they tend to be authors and experts who believe in the power of digital courses that they're selling books that they're selling. And they really want to use expert marketing like you've been successful in to grow their business, they want to get their book out there, most of them haven't written it but aspire to. So that's really the audience that you're going to be talking to. And I'm sharing this with you because the first step of The Story Matters method is to really understand who is the hero of the story that you're telling. So when you tell that story, you can make the audience which is a Story Matters, podcast audience, your hero, meaning you're talking to them about what you believe they need to hear from you to have a better experience.

Are you going to leave them at the end of that podcast? 30 minutes after they sit there and listen to you better off than where you left them? Are they going to be inspired to have a better story in their life in the area that you can help them with?

So if you want to learn more about this, we've got free training. You can watch more about our audience. Who is your hero is the second lesson in the Story Matters mini-course and so first step we take all of our clients through, and we build their funnels for them, you can go ahead and look at some of those free resources below this video.

So the next videos coming up are going to be the next video number two is how to look and sound great. On our podcast, we're just going to go over a few practical tips about how to get set up and look great because we are video in the podcast, we're going to put your best foot forward out there as a personal brand. 

Then in the third video, we're going to talk about how to sell to our audience. And hint, we're not going to have you sit up there and pitch, but there's a subtle way using storytelling that we're going to explore with you on how to sell our audience that's totally congruent with our audience expect it because they understand that that's what we teach, and it's authentic, and you're not going to feel like a used car salesman when you get on the podcast because we're not going to let you do that we want to treat our audience well. We also give you exposure to inspire your audience to get in touch with you if they love and are inspired by your message. 

So after that, the fourth video we're going to talk about how to master the art of storytelling, I'll just give you a few tips if you want to brush up on storytelling before the podcasts, the method that our audience is used to. 

And then the fifth and final video, we're going to talk about just how to get everything out there to the audience on our podcast by preparing you with exactly what questions you're going to have in the podcast from us.

So you can prepare; we don't want you to over-prepare. So we're going to give you general guidance and a framework rather than specific line by line questions. But we do want you to understand what's coming soon, be mentally prepared, and tell your story within the context of those questions. 

So looking forward to seeing you on the next video how to look and sound great on The Story Matters podcast