James Cook Media Investment Opportunity

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StoryFunnel: The Future of Marketing is Here.

Create unique, personalized customer journeys for your clients to make your competition irrelevant.

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We help Authors become profitable






Creating the future of Digital Publishing.

James Cook Media




  • € 2.5 Millon in Online Sales in Last 30 Months

  • Email Database of over 100,000

  • Facebook Fans (40K+)

  • € 311,325 Invested in developing Complete SaaS and online Education for InfoPreneurs

  • Develop 2 fully functional SaaS products to help InfoPreneurs create their business online

  • Created the StoryMatters Academy to educate InfoPreneurs on marketing strategy and execution



Krzysztof Rusnarczyk

Krzystof has a masters in Applied Computer Science from AGH University, Poland's top Engineering School. He has 9 years of development experience in multiple tech startups, including 4 years leading the development of James Cook Media's Saas products.


Damian Watracz

Originally educated as a mathematician, Damian is an accomplished UI/UX and product designer. He has over 8 years of design experience with SaaS startups across the world. He has been the Chief Designer for 1 year for James Cook Media.


Tyron Dizon

Tyron is one of the world's top marketing automation technicians and theorists. Tyron has worked with James Cook Media for over 7 years and has been the main automation designer for our 6 x 7-Figure Funnels.



Samuel P.N. Cook

Samuel P.N. Cook is a former U.S. Army Officer, and assistant professor of history at West Point. He has 10 years of experience in digital marketing. He is the founder of James Cook Media, where he focuses on marketing, creative directing campaigns, and product development.

  • Over $10+ MM in Online sales for InfoPreneurs

  • Has Built 6 X 7-Figure Funnels for InfoPreneurs

  • Recognised StoryTelling expert in online marketing circles

Author's Dilemma



It's never been easier to get published. It's never been harder to make money as an author.

  • Over 1 Million books published in the U.S. every year (3 Million Worldwide)

  • Over 50% of Books are Self Published

  • The average non-fiction books sales 250 copies per year and less than 3,000 in a lifetime

  • Less than 7% of NY Times Best-Selling Campaigns break on book *

  • Major publishing houses won't publish an author without a proven business.

     * This data comes from Michael R. Drew who is the world's top book promoter (100Best-selling books to his credit on Major U.S. lists - NY Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal).

The Market Opportunity

Books Published Globally:

3 Million per year globally (up from 100K per year in 1998) *

* Forbes Magazine Report


E-Learning Industry:

$107 Billion (2015)*

$327 Billion (2025)**

** Forbes Magazine


Marketing Automation SaaS:

Marketing projected to reach $34 Billion Globally by 2024 (13.6% CAGR) ***

*** Global Newswire Study


InfoPreneur Saas Market:

Estimated 250K **** InfoPreneurs pay for SaaS Platforms for website services

**** Based on an estimate of the total subscriber on competitors platforms.



The InfoPreneur Publishing Business Model




The Marketing Landscape

StoryFunnel allows InfoPreneurs to create customised journeys like the biggest sites in the world.



Create Custom Content blocks on pages, emails, and messages:

  • Survey-based (what clients tell us)

  • Behaviour-based (what client does)

  • Page Visits
  • Video Views
  • Email Link Clicks
  • Purchase Behaviour





SanityDesk solves Message channel overwhelm for the InfoPreneur



Combining the Functionality of all the tools you need to communicate in one-place.

  • Omni-Channel Inbox
  • Client Support Desk (Zendesk)
  • Team Workflow Desks (Asana)
  • Sales Team Workflow (CRM)



Ideal Page Builder:

Smart Page Builder, Smart Content, Quizzes, Online Payments, Countdown Timers Membership Site.

Ideal Marketing Automation:

Email, SMS, Facebook Messenger, Workflows

Ideal CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

Sales Contact Management, Calling, Text Messaging, Email Inbox Integration

Support Desk: 

Customer Ticketing System, Internal Team Task Management, Omni-Channel Inbox




James Cook Media Revenue Model


Publish Case Study - Peter Sage

Experienced Personal Development Coach w/ Small Following

  • $300k in Annual Revenue 2015
  • March 2016 - January 2017 - $1.8 MM in Revenue
  • $300k Ad Spend
  • $600k - High-Level MasterMind ($15 - $75k)
  • $600k - Group Online Workshops ($5 - $10k)
  • $600k - Live Business School in-person and Video Recordings 3 Days - Event - ($299 - $3k)

* NOTE: Due to external circumstances related to the author from a prior business legal issue, the contract ended before we introduced a low-priced masterclass and ongoing subscription site that could have made this a $10-$50 MM Revenue per year enterprise




Go-To-Market Plan



Lifetime Value Calculation w/ Upsells

27 September, 2018 - 15 June, 2019


Lifetime Value Calculation w/ Upsells

27 September, 2018 - 15 June, 2019



SaaS ONLY Customer Acquisition Costs

11 November 2018 - 27 March 2019 *


*These Real Ad Spend calculations and data come from 6 months of our best operating funnel where we registered Free Trials for our software most Successfully. A new funnel we ran since this time with lower price points did not yield similar results, so we will be reverting back to this funnel. 

€67,232 Ad Spend


How do we Scale the Business?

SaaS Product Only





Use of Funds (€1 MM)


The Investment Opportunity

We are raising a seed round of €1 MM for 10% of the company (€10 MM post-money Valuations)

  • The company has been self-funded with €250,000 of founder's personal and family investment

  • We have an offer to raise 750k crowdfunding Equity Campaign on CrowdCube

  • We are offering  10% of the company to the investors in this round 

Upside Potential