Our StoryBased Funnels Create Movements and Generate Real Results

Taking a unique blend of artistic creativity through film and marketing technology, our Stories have launched businesses and movements

Bobby McGee Running

From $0 to $250,000 in running course sales in 6 months.

When Bobby McGee Running had no online sales. We built up his community through content marketing. Then we pre-launched his course to fund the course creation. Finally, we developed a product launch based on the original sales film that created $73,000 in 2 weeks. In the next 6 months, he sold over $250,000 in online courses with just $20,000 in ad spend.

Total Immersion Swimming

Building the World's Top Swimming Community for the World's Best Swim Coach.

Tim Ferriss calls Total Immersion Swimming and Terry Laughlin the world's best swimming program. In 2014, Total Immersion came to us to do a documentary on Terry Laughlin. This film as part of our free swim training series launched the Total Immersion Academy which has done over $1 MM in sales and is the world's biggest swimming community.

TriDot Systems

Successfully Launching the Top Triathlon Coaching Software: from $1,000 to $15,000 per month in 12 months.

TriDot Systems is a software company that produces automated training plans for triathletes. When they came to us, they were generating just under $1,000 per month in sales. Our marketing funnel and film-based launch successfully brought them to $10,000 per month in online. Since then they have gone up to become a $1MM + per year revenue company.

Triathlon Research

Launching the World's Top Triathlon Camp Business: from $0 to $1.2 MM in 16 months.

Based on our work with the top brands in Triathlon, we successfully launched the world's

Project Kazimierz

Building a Central European Tech Community

In 2014, James Cook Media was founded in Central Europe. We developed the podcast to support the launch of TEDx Kazimierz in Krakow, Poland. The company became part of building the tech community in Krakow, Poland. Project Kazimierz podcast hit the New and Noteworthy list in iTunes and became one of the top English speaking podcasts in Central Europe. TEDx Kazimierz has since produced 5 successful events and become one of the most respected TEDx franchises in Central Europe.

Sage Business School

Building the Top Personal Development Brand in Europe: from $250k to $1.8MM in revenue in just 10 months.

In January 2016, Peter Sage ran an event called the Sage Business School. 10 months later, the Sage Business School was one of the top events in Europe. Peter Did $1.8 MM in Revenue in just 10 mtonths. We did this by developing a series of story-based videos that leverated our quiz-funnel software which forms the foundation of the StoryFunnel Build Software Today.

StoryMatters Academy

Generating over $2 MM in online sales with $0 investors.

James Cook Media successfully launched the StoryMatters Academy in March, 2017. Since this time, the funnel has generated over $2 MM in online sales for high end services, coaching, and online education and software. The StoryTelling in the Digital Age is one of the most popular marketing course in the world, and the StoryMatters Academy and the StoryFunnel Software is one of the fastest growing marketing training and automation software on the market.

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